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THE ICE TRIALS > Two personalities

четверг, 8 сентября 2016 г.
I have two personalities eiswein wilder 15:30:32
­­You're a very cruel man!
­­I know...

­­­­ ­­

I have two personalities. One beautiful, confident, bitchy girl who always goes forward. The girl who always gets what she wants and never looks back. She goes to the head, spitting on the souls of others. Is this normal? I think in our world full of cruelty it will not be a surprise. I think I must be cruel to survive, but is it really? And here comes into play my other personality. Sweet, modest, loving girl who is against violence against humans and animals. Who wants, ATTENTION, peace in the world. Every day reading the news, it seems that people have gone mad in the pursuit of fame and money.
These two individuals every day are fighting among themselves. Every time I want to be won only good girl, but alas, it always turns out exactly the opposite. Whose fault? Just my. I let the b/tch take over. It brings me suffering. She's not thinking of the feelings of my friends and family. This often leads to disastrous endings. And those endings make me wonder what will happen then? Here to get rid of the bitch from all my friends, ruin relationships with family and people close to me, and then what? I will be alone? And what I need to do? Sad to admit, but more than anything I'm afraid of being alone. I'm afraid to Wake up one day and realize that I have no one. Hole in the chest is so small now, but every day it grows and becomes only more. It seems to me that it will not stop. It is very scary.

Категории: Think about it, Two personalities, My life
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THE ICE TRIALS > Two personalities

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