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Пользователи, сообщества c интересом "Myth".

четверг, 8 декабря 2016 г.
Myth eiswein wilder 09:06:09

Orpheus has been through many trials in this terrible place. Love helped him cope with everything. In the end Orpheus reached the Palace of Hades, the ruler of the underworld. He turned to him with a request to return Eurydice, so young and loved the girl. Hades took pity on the singer and agreed to give him a wife. However, it was necessary to comply with one condition: Eurydice was impossible until then, until it leads her into the realm of the living. Orpheus gave a promise that along the way, he will not turn around and look at his beloved. In case of violation of the prohibition of the singer threatened to lose his wife forever.
Orpheus quickly headed for the exit of the underworld. He passed the possession of Hades in the spirit, and the shadow of Eurydice followed him. The lovers got into the boat of Charon, who silently moved to the shore of the spouses life. On the ground was led by a steep stony path. Orpheus floated slowly upward. It was quiet and dark. It seemed that for him no one came.
But ahead of beginning to lighten, land was already close. And the smaller the distance to the exit, the light was getting. Finally, it has become clear all around. The heart of Orpheus squeezed anxiety. He began to doubt whether Eurydice behind him. Forgetting his promise, the singer turned. For a moment very close, he saw a beautiful face, sweet shadow... the Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice tells us that this shadow immediately flew off, disappeared in the darkness. Orpheus with a desperate cry began down the path ago. He again came to the Bank of Styx and began to call the carrier. In vain prayed to Orpheus: no one answered. The singer sat alone on the banks of Styx, and waiting. However, he did not wait for anyone. He had to return to earth and continue to live. To forget Eurydice, his only love, he could not. In his songs and heart lived the memory of it. Eurydice is the divine soul of Orpheus. He will unite with her only after death.

A myth that I have always been very close. A myth, where love is fighting with death. Isn't that what happens in life? Because it takes away from us the dearest people...And does not return, no matter how you beg. Oh, that terrible feeling of humility before the loss. But if you can't accept that will never see close to you? And I want to quit death challenge... couldn't get over the death of Eurydice and Orpheus. Could not, and went for a favorite in the realm of the dead – Hades. His songs touched the heart and the Hades and Persephone... That's really true, who could sympathize, so this Persephone - kidnapped daughter of Demeter. She was for the Greeks the personification of spring, because love is the only season. Because spring awakens the heart, and melts the ice in the coldest hearts. Here's the heart of Hades melted before the power of the love of Orpheus to Eurydice. And he decided to help the lovers.He released Eurydice from the underworld, Only banned Orpheus look back when he will return to the world of the living. I think that this request was not devoid of meaning. Because I must go out of existence without looking back. And seen those I love. Leave the dead to dwell in their world, and love is something from another world. Don't look back...don't go back. Because our loved ones feel our love everywhere, wherever. Because left looking at the world through our eyes. And that for us they are alive is the worst death call. And the victory over it. Orpheus could not resist - I looked up. And forever left Eurydice in the underworld. She never returned to him. And Hades remained deaf to his prayers. Because you can't log in the river Styx twice...Orpheus lost Eurydice because you don't believe that can go with it. Not believed that can get it out of Hades. And his suspicions were destroyed the belief in the miracle. The love that is stronger than happens. The key thing to remember is not to look back. Not to think about what was and what could be...Just live. And know that his strength of faith in a miracle someone to lead the way. Because death is not necessarily physical. Moral worse. And you need to withdraw someone from the underworld, which he built for himself. And never look back. Just drive, and see how the darkness gives way to light, as winter - spring. And you can sing not only with voice but with your heart.

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