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THE ICE TRIALS > Love of my life

Тесты c категорией "Love of my life".

среда, 15 февраля 2017 г.
You're my ocean eiswein wilder 07:00:19
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You're a ocean. My personal deep ocean in which I'm ready to sink again and again. You belong to a fvking angel. You're as beautiful as Greek goddess. You're as unbelievable as peace on the Earth. You're charming and very special. I'm not sure you know all of that, because we're found each other when we were broken and lost and forgotten, stopped living and just existed because had to, like doing many of us. We were so dumb and numb, so stuck up to even look around for a second, to take the moment and realize that this is not us. Because couple years ago we were so happy and young, enjoy life. Everything changed by something so stupid thing. My sweetie, don't let it go for two of us, even if you think it's for the best, 'cause it's not. Not everyone can be something biggest in this world and will be captured in history books or movies and that's okay. You're so special and the most talented person which I've ever met. Can you just believe in that? Can you imagine? I was the lucky one for once in my hole life, because I've met you, and now everything what I can do it's compelling to myself stop be scaring and just live. I'm like a criminal trying to hide you from everyone else and keep you as so closer as it's possible. I'm so fvking greedy for you, so insatiable, you're have no idea and probably even don't understand. I want to keep you in save, in some special place were we will be alone and no one couldn't destroy us. I want to keep you in secret, so no one can take you away from me. Nobody can even understand how rich I am to having you and how happy I am see your adore face every fvking morning when I wake up. My goodness, I know that some day you're just would walk away if only realize how incredible you are and how not much of a person I am. You call me your Savior, you call me your redemption and I'm wanna cry every time, because you can't even imagine how much I need you and how much it's scaring me. And at that moment I'm lying to your face telling that I don't need you, that all your feeling not real. Damn, I'm so scare that you can leaving me and I know it will absolutely happen. Maybe very soon. And only one of that I want desperately to cry. Look what you done. I'm so fvking dependent on you. I'm so used to the life that we have. I'm so bad person. I'm poisoning you. You're so beautiful, you belong to heaven. And I'm so fvking lucky to have you even for that moment. I'm the most lucky ever.

Подкаст TTLDeepShadowVocalVe­rsionOstHungergames_­.mp3 ( 03:48 / 3.4Mb )

Категории: Redemption, Confession, Poison, Ocean my soul, Love of my life
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THE ICE TRIALS > Love of my life

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