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THE ICE TRIALS > God protects you

суббота, 20 мая 2017 г.
eiswein wilder 18:47:10
Запись только для друзей.
среда, 20 июля 2016 г.
I'm so f/cking tired eiswein wilder 15:31:25

­­<< In the dark
­­And I'm right on the middle mark
­­I'm just in the tier of everything that rides below the surface
­­And I watch from a distance seventeen
­­And I'm short of the others dreams of being golden and on top
­­It's not what you painted in my head
­­There's so much there instead of all the colors that I saw >>

­­<< We all are living in a dream,
­­But life ain't what it seems
­­Oh everything's a mess
­­And all these sorrows I have seen
­­They lead me to believe
­­That everything's a mess >>

I'm so f/cking tired. It is not simply banal fatigue. It's devastation. Inside, everything is empty. You took everything. I never told anyone how much dependent on emotions. I feed off our quarrels, disputes, happy and carefree. All of this helps me to live. And now, it's been two days..I'm out. Like took everything. And after all you're going to accuse me of insensitivity? I should blame you! How could you do this? How can you blame me for your failures? I like it every time you insert a spoke in the wheel. Did you ever think that you're just a loser? Maybe it's not me and you? Of course it is always easier to blame everything on me, but I will not allow it! I will not allow you to tell me what to do. Will not allow you to blame everything that happens, because it's not my fault! I'm not the cause of your troubles! I was your support, but after everything that's happened - I've had enough! I won't save you. I won't comfort you. You just don't deserve it. I sincerely wanted to help, but you do not seem to understand this. You take everything for granted, but you know what? NO ONE NEEDS YOU ,BABY. I'm so very angry. I hate you so much at the moment, but still believe. I f/cking believe in you! Still believe. Why you don't believe in yourself? Why don't want to understand that your life only in your hands! YOU can, just don't want to. And I honestly do not understand why people shout so loud about the need to change, but they don't change themselves. People are afraid of change. They want the best, but fear that things will only get worse stops them. They lost faith. Faith in life. Faith in other people. Faith in yourself in the end. Few people understand what true faith can do. It gives us a chance. Give us our dream. Gives strength and desire for life. Gives you the chance to realize their dreams.
I'm not saying it again. You still don't understand. I just want you to hear for the last time and realized. You just have to believe and trust. Otherwise, you simply will not be able to get what you so desperately desire. I feel sorry for you. Go in peace and let God protects you.

Категории: God protects you, Faith, I'm so f/cking tired

THE ICE TRIALS > God protects you

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