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THE ICE TRIALS > Friendship

Тесты c категорией "Friendship".
Пользователи, сообщества c интересом "Friendship".

понедельник, 20 февраля 2017 г.
<< i like poison in you, i'm sorry eiswein wilder 22:51:46
­­ ­­ ­­ ­­

I still feel myself alone. As I sit alone in the dark. I inhale the poisonous smoke. I'm smoking and still feeling numb. I drank bottle of champagne by myself. In that moment some people which call themself my friends texted me something like this: ''Bae, we have a party. Come..we missed you. Come if you want''. What the fvck?! What the holly hell is that supposed to mean?! I might have go wild. I might have this fvcking fun with them. Because I need my friends. I love my friends, even if they just sons of b/tches. Guess, I'll have one more one night stand, because I'm better being not completely alone. It's don't supposed anything. Just usefull. They use me. I use them. And in that case we some kind of friends. What's the point of getting drunk with people who fvcking retarded? I have fvking amazing mood and this is the best that ever happened to me in recent months. So you should fvck off for today. Because I want feel wild. Freedom. Liberty. Everything. I'll remember you when I need something from you. You can text me if you need something from me.

Категории: Poison, Wild, Freedom, Friendship, Usefull
понедельник, 13 февраля 2017 г.
Feel the difference. eiswein wilder 19:23:50
I always thought that more than anything I hate is a lie. But right now I think that I'm wrong. Because a lie is an art that is not given to everyone. Well, think for yourself on how to be a good actor to watch in the eyes of the man and the bear utter nonsense. I mean how can they artfully to lie and not even blush or shy? After all to someone believed in your words, first of all you need to believe in that. That is logically they are not lying to you, but only tell what they desperately believe in. So is it a lie? Maybe it's just a solution to their problem? I mean, people lie for some reason. Some do it for good, not wanting to hurt the feelings of a dear person. But other people lie because they think their life is so boring and ordinary. They don't have anything interesting, no adventure. Just think for a second. Imagine yourself in their place. What would you feel? Personally, I feel only pity for these people. They have to invent lovers and friends to impress their people. I think they believe that telling stories they become more interesting. They lie to stay in the company of strangers to them. Because if these people that surround them would be their friends, they wouldn't have to lie and invent something to impress self-sufficient person. I think these people are amazing. Yes, perhaps to some extent it's not right, but this lie doesn't make them worse, right? What is wrong is that they tell fictional stories? I mean, you read books and watch movies. It's the same lie. The only difference is that books and movies are made public. And the stories these people are among those they told. It's kinda cute, in a sense. This means that they are lying because they are afraid to be rejected by you. Although it is rather sad. But I don't see anything terrible. I see no reason to turn away from such people. They didn't do anything wrong! They only entertained you with tales. Then as your other named-friends commit worse offenses.

Категории: The same lie, Feel the difference, Advice, Friendship, My friends, Relationships, So true, Think about it
понедельник, 2 января 2017 г.
eiswein wilder 19:59:58
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THE ICE TRIALS > Friendship

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