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Пользователи, сообщества c интересом "Freedom".

вторник, 16 мая 2017 г.
burn in hell eiswein wilder 09:59:54
It's time to set the record straight. I'm not angry anymore. It became easier for me. I feel I'm free. And even those small difficulties that are in front of me can't break me. I have become stronger. I know exactly what you want. At first I wanted revenge. Wanted to make him suffer. Wanted him to feel crappy and humiliated as I felt. But then I realized that I will never be able to get him to feel it. Not because I didn't have the strength, but because such scum as he is not able to feel pain. And the real bitterness of the loss he will feel after. I truly believe that God is there and he is watching over all of us. I sincerely believe that this bastard will be rewarded for what he did, but not me. God's punishment is and she is not to Dodge. I just need to wait until his time comes. And then I'll stand and watch as he burns in Hell.

Категории: Be strong, Wild, Phoenix, Redemption, Freedom
среда, 26 апреля 2017 г.
Y'll be happy eiswein wilder 10:33:07

You have to smile. Even if it hurts like hell, you have to smile. Ask me why? So I'll tell you, you will see your smile and seeing you happy. Subconsciously you're going to convince yourself you're happy even if your soul is broken on the rocks of reality. You smile and try to convince you that all is well. To convince you that you're happy. And after some time you'll believe it. But if you believe in something it will become true. You'll be happy, even despite the fact that the soul is torn. You'll be happy, even when it hurts. You will be happy, only make you believe it.

Категории: I like me, Advice, Burn my soul, Changes, Freedom, Fvckin' sht, I get, I'm so f/cking tired
понедельник, 20 февраля 2017 г.
<< i like poison in you, i'm sorry eiswein wilder 22:51:46
­­ ­­ ­­ ­­

I still feel myself alone. As I sit alone in the dark. I inhale the poisonous smoke. I'm smoking and still feeling numb. I drank bottle of champagne by myself. In that moment some people which call themself my friends texted me something like this: ''Bae, we have a party. Come..we missed you. Come if you want''. What the fvck?! What the holly hell is that supposed to mean?! I might have go wild. I might have this fvcking fun with them. Because I need my friends. I love my friends, even if they just sons of b/tches. Guess, I'll have one more one night stand, because I'm better being not completely alone. It's don't supposed anything. Just usefull. They use me. I use them. And in that case we some kind of friends. What's the point of getting drunk with people who fvcking retarded? I have fvking amazing mood and this is the best that ever happened to me in recent months. So you should fvck off for today. Because I want feel wild. Freedom. Liberty. Everything. I'll remember you when I need something from you. You can text me if you need something from me.

Категории: Poison, Wild, Freedom, Friendship, Usefull


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