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THE ICE TRIALS > Be good girl

вторник, 13 февраля 2018 г.
<< is it bad? eiswein wilder 17:12:39
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No one is born evil. The circumstances around us make us the ones. We are born pure and innocent. Only we can decide how we want to be. Even our loved ones and parents shouldn't decide for us. Because life is just too short to lose at least a little bit.
Increasingly, I notice that year after year, becoming more cold to the world. I can't just fall in love anymore. Can't even feel a little sympathy for the man who shows an interest in me. Even afraid to imagine what will happen to me next. What I'm to become. An insensitive monster? But I always wanted to be. I wanted to feel no more pain or disappointment. Even hope is painful for me. I'm tired of seeing people in the light, when it does not. And I'm not sure that the ray of light that I saw was the light of their souls. Maybe it was something else. Just a Mirage. Cheating in my view. Because ultimately, all people in whom I saw a glimmer of hope just faded in front. Became ugly on the inside. I do not wish to have contact with such people. It's a waste of my precious time. Such people are not capable of aging or interacting with others. They just survive due to the pain of people around. They feed on it, as if without it will cease to exist.
And the worst part is, I'm getting the same. Increasingly, I notice that I like to see other people's pain. The people that surround me. Sometimes I feel the injection of conscience, but it is so small that it can hardly be felt. I can smile at the worst enemy and not feel the burning hatred that destroyed me from the inside before. I can play the part without any bad takes, because I'm not afraid anymore.
Is it bad?

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THE ICE TRIALS > Be good girl

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