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THE ICE TRIALS > Some legends are told  13 октября 2016 г. 07:16:57

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Some legends are told

eiswein wilder 13 октября 2016 г. 07:16:57


­­<< Some legends are told
­­Some turn to dust or to gold, but you will remember me
­­Remember me for centuries

­­And just one mistake is all it will take. We'll go down in history
­­Remember me for centuries >>

So sad to see your own drop. The weightlessness and sense of flight was replaced by a terrible pain. She walked around the body. Paralyzed all the internal organs. Hard to breathe, to think, to live. And here you are at the bottom of that deep pit and look at the stars in the sky. They're so beautiful and unattainable. Head right there thinking that you will never be able to reach them. No matter how hard you tried, but they will always remain out of reach. Eyes pinch with tears and nauseous from your own powerlessness. Inside is born a flame that pushes you to action. You get a second wind. Leaning on the dirty wall, you're trying to climb. Clinging to the slightest of bumps to climb. Climb up, faster and faster. In the end, everything goes so fast that you feel like you've already got. But again something goes wrong. Your arm or your foot slips and you fall down again.

Подкаст MajorLazerColdWaterf­eatJustinBieberM.mp3­ ( 03:05 / 7.1Mb )

Категории: So sad, Remember me, Fall down, Again
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THE ICE TRIALS > Some legends are told  13 октября 2016 г. 07:16:57

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